3 Year Limited Warranty Registration

Amphibia frames come standard with a 3 Year Limited warranty against manufacturer defects (production errors or material failure), good for one year from the date of purchase without the registration, and 3 years with the registration. Amphibia will repair or replace, at our option, any issue determined to be a manufacturer’s defect. Normal wear and tear does not constitute as a manufacturer’s defect, and other issues such as scratched lenses, broken hinges, misuse or any other problems that are determined by Amphibia to not be a defect.

Our warranties apply to any frames purchased from one of our fine retailers, and we’ll require proof of purchase and/or registration for any claims.

Amphibia’s warranty does not cover scratched lenses. Please use only a soft, clean cloth with soap and water to clean your lenses, and avoid all types of solvents or alcohol. Do not use dirty or abrasive fabrics, which will damage the lens coatings and increase the chance of scratching. Amphibia's floating warranty does not cover any frame with additional weight from any type of strap or cord.


PLEASE NOTE: One arm of the frame MUST BE MAILED INTO OUR OFFICE AT 10725 State Highway 110 Van, TX 75790 AND WILL BE SUBJECT TO A $30.00 PROCESSING FEE



 To register email - Frame, Lense ,  Place and Date of Purchase to:  AmphibiaHQ@yahoo.com