Lens Information

Our Amber Wave is a great low light lens choice. The Amber colored lens filters blue light making it perfect in overcast conditions and sight fishing.

  • Overcast Conditions
  • Best Sight Fishing lens
  • Eliminates Blue Light
  • Blue Flash Mirrored

Our Baja Bronze ice is a great all-around lens for both low light and sunny conditions. The bronze base will help eliminate blue light and is a great lens to increase contrast.

  • Best all around lens for all conditions
  • Sight fishing and everyday use
  • Increase contrast
  • Eliminates Blue Light

The Blue Storm lens is best for bright sunny conditions. The deep green base will help neutralize brown colors and designed for fishing and use on the water.

  • Sunny/bright conditions
  • Grass Fishing
  • High contrast
  • Highlights greens and eliminates browns

Our Blue Shock has a grey base for all frames except the Lotus, where it has an amber base. The mirror is a heavy blue mirror with a purple tint. This lens is great for high sky and bright conditions.

  • High Sky/Bright Conditions
  • Heavy blue tint


Our Purple Shock lenses is on a grey base with a heavy purple mirror.

Our Pyro lenses are a grey base with a heavy red/orange mirror.

Our Red Shock lenses have a grey base with a heavy red/green/yellow mirroring. These lenses are great for everyday use, as well as on the water. They have a high contrast and focus on greens.

  • High contrast
  • Everyday/On the Water
  • Grey base

Sand Storm is a deep brown base that is designed to help reduce glare on bright days. The brown lenses are great for high contrast situations.

  • Sunny/high glare conditions
  • Great for hunting
  • Best contrasting lenses
  • Non-mirrored
  • Reduces green and blue light waves

Our Vapor lens offers the highest light and glare reduction. These lenses are best during bright direct sunglight and where true colors are important.

  • Bright Sunny Conditions
  • Reduces eye fatigue
  • Everyday activities
  • Neutral filtration
  • Non-mirrored

Just like the Vapor the Vapor Ice is designed for bright conditions. The Vapor Ice adds a silver flash mirror over the Vapor.

  • Sunny conditions
  • Reduces glare
  • Neutral filtration

Vapor Wave is a deep smoke base with a blue flash mirror. The deep smoke makes these best in bright sunny conditions.

  • Extreme sunny conditions
  • Eye fatigue and Glare reductions
  • Accurate colors