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September 27, 2016 2 Comments

In today's world, our attention spans (and our wallets) are very limited, so I'll make this brief. There are lots of reasons why you should choose Amphibia, but for the sake of time, I'll list 3. By the way, Brava! to you on reading this. Of all the blogs in the world, we are honored that you chose us :) Back to reason!
  1. We float. This seems pretty logical, I mean, who enjoys losing sunglasses in the water? Protect your eyes without "getting that sinking feeling again". Need prescription glasses that won't sink? Check out ours. kick-3
  2. AquArmor. If you don't know what AquArmor is, it's pretty simple. It's a hydrophobic coating on the outside (like RainX for your glasses), and an anti-fog coating on the inside (because who likes foggy glasses?). Find out more here. kick-car-3
  3. ANSI Z87.1 Safety Rating. If you are unfamiliar with ANSI standards, no worries! It's a safety impact measurement, and ours is just below ballistic (btw, ballistic coming soon...). Lots of our frames meet the ANSI Z87.1 rating, so your eyes are protected. Check them out here.screen-shot-2015-08-18-at-9-49-06-am
Still not convinced? Here are some testimonials from current customers (they make us blush!):
"Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your products!!!  I fish all the time from tournaments to fun fishing.  I got a pair of the Hydra last year and love them!!!  I have owned several other brands from solar bat to typhoon, and the Amphibia brand is by far the best I have owned.  My son started fishing this year with his school team, and the first thing I did was order him a pair of the Genesis.  Great quality across the board!!  Just wanted to take time to say I will never own another brand!!!  Keep making quality eyewear and I will spread the word!" -Scott S.
"Hello, I ordered a pair of your amphibia 2112K496-R3 glasses for the sport of rowing. They were recommended by a club member for their anti-fog feature and their floatability. I just worked out the best fit for anti-fogging, below the bridge of the nose, but hadn't tested their floatability until I fell off my paddle board on Muskoka Lake in Ontario. The conditions were rough and I lost them, feeling very disappointed that they weren't on the surface floating. I was about to let you know about my disappointment when a week later, following a storm, they washed up onto the shore. You can imagine my excitement when they were discovered! Great technology! Thank you" -Evelyn
"As a bass fisherman, I've always been a Costa guy. I lost one pair of glasses (fell off my face and into the water) and replaced them with the Amphibia Hydras and I had no idea what I was missing. The fit of the Amphibias is completely different. They gently grab your face with ZERO pain behind your ears or on the bridge of your nose yet zero slippage. I'm getting two more pair of the Genesis today!"-Jackson B.
"I have owned just about every brand of sunglasses out there. Maui Jim, Anarchy, Spy, Oakley, etc.... lost, or damaged most. And darn near all of them did not live up to anything as advertised. Especially for the huge price tag carried by most. But now I found the Amphibia depth charge. Absolutely The most comfortable pair, the lenses are perfect. Make everything so brilliant and clear. The hydrophobic coating really works. Especially on hot sweaty days! And no more loosing them on the lake!!! Wether it be playing, or fishing, because they won't sink in an instant!!!! Not too mention they are pretty sweet looking too. Highly recommend them.."-Levi F.

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January 15, 2020

I bought a pair of white depthcharge , but after 4 montes wearing them they become kind yellow like dirty, its a pitty cause i really love white , i do not know why this happened?

Michael Broussard
Michael Broussard

November 08, 2019

I’d like to tell you that I’m from New Iberia, Louisiana and I bought a pair of Amphibia 2112’s because they were out of Oakley’s Z87 approved. I work in the oil field so i don’t have to wear them junky safety glasses. I already have them on.
I’ve had a couple of pairs for 2 years now. I ordered a new pair of Hydra’s and what made me want to get another pair is that I can build my own. That makes a big differences to me because I don’t have to buy extra lenses are nose pieces.
There are other sunglasses that you BYO but they do FLOAT without that floating loop that hangs around your neck.
Thanks for making what I think is the BEST SUNGLASSES in the world.
Thanks again for the Cajun

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